The Punisher
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The Punisher

The Punisher

When undercover FBI agent Frank Castle’s wife and son are slaughtered, he becomes ‘the Punisher’ — a ruthless vigilante willing to go to any length to avenge his family.

The Punisher 123Movies review

The Punisher 123movies watched for 124 min minutes without stopping for a second, because only an unexpected ending showed the true faces and intentions of the main characters of the picture. The cast of the film perfectly coped with its task, creating a real masterpiece in the genre of Marvel, and embodying the most daring ideas of the talented director. The movie The Punisher 123movies overshadowed many 2004 films, combining elements of many popular genres, as well as bringing together popular actors on the set.

Jonathan Hensleigh is a real expert in his field, he simply penetrated the viewers brain, showing him through the characters the whole essence of complex human nature. The presence of A. Russell Andrews, Alan Lilly, Antoni Corone, Ben Foster, Bonnie Johnson, Creed Bratton, Eddie Jemison, James Carpinello, Jim Meskimen, John Pinette, John Travolta, Kevin Nash, Laura Harring, Marc Macaulay, Marco St. John, Marcus Johns, Mark Collie, Rebecca Romijn, Roy Scheider, Russell Durham Comegys, Samantha Mathis, Sonny Surowiec, Steve Raulerson, Terry Loughlin, Thomas Jane, Tom Nowicki, Will Patton, William Haze in the cast made the film a real delight for the eyes and soul, you believe their game without a doubt, the story is told simply incredible.