The Light Between Oceans
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The Light Between Oceans

The Light Between Oceans

A lighthouse keeper and his wife living off the coast of Western Australia raise a baby they rescue from an adrift rowboat.

The Light Between Oceans 123Movies review

In The Light Between Oceans 123movies, the intrigue starts from the first minute and lasts until the very end, which is the perfect way to keep the viewer at the screen for 133 min minutes. I really liked this film, in the genre of Best 2016, Best Romantic 2016, Drama, Romance it stands out for its intricate plot and unique acting that you really believe. The cast of the movie was just on top, they were able to present a difficult story so believably that the film became the best in its genre in 2016.

I admire this directorial work of Derek Cianfrance, Dora Simko, he conducted the main storyline so subtly that the ending, although unexpected, was quite logical. The wonderful play of Alicia Vikander, Anthony Hayes, Benedict Hardie, Bryan Brown, Caren Pistorius, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Emily Barclay, Garry McDonald, Jack Thompson, Jane Menelaus, Jeffrey Thomas, John Bach, Leon Ford, Marshall Napier, Michael Fassbender, Peter Hayden, Peter McCauley, Rachel Weisz, Scott Wills, Stephen Ure was remembered by every viewer who made the right choice and watched this wonderful film, which became the embodiment of the genre.