The Big Short
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The Big Short

The Big Short

The men who made millions from a global economic meltdown.

The Big Short 123Movies review

The Big Short 123movies is a film that really hooks, and the ending is so unexpected that I can say for sure, 131 min minutes were well spent. The talented acting of the actors, excellent directorial work, a well-thought-out plot - all this made the film an outstanding representative of the Best 2015, Best Drama 2015, Comedy, Drama genre. 2015 will be remembered for the release of this wonderful film, which organically combines several of the most popular genres of cinema.

Adam McKay has chosen the perfect cast to convey all the nuances of this amazing story, a truly professional work. Having gathered on one site, the Adepero Oduye, Aiden Flowers, Al Sapienza, Alicia Davis Johnson, Andrea Vittoria Alvarado, Andrew Farrier, Anthony Bourdain, Anthony Marble, Bernard Hocke, Billy Magnussen, Billy Slaughter, Blaine Kern III, Brad Pitt, Brandon Stacy, Britney Spears, Byron Mann, Carrie Lazar, Casey Groves, Charlie Talbert, Christian Bale, Colette Divine, Colin Lawless, Creed Bratton, Dave Davis, David Kallaway, Delia Sheppard, Elliott Grey, Finn Wittrock, Garrett Hines, George W. Bush, Hamish Linklater, Hunter Burke, Jack Millard, Jae Suh Park, James Yeargain, Jason Bayle, Jay Jablonski, Jeffry Griffin, Jeremy Strong, John Magaro, John Neisler, Joseph Brooks, Julia Holt, Karen Gillan, Kate Blumberg, Kelly Lind, Landa Morland, Lara Grice, Leslie Castay, Logan Crawford, Lyle Brocato, Lyndsay Kimball, Marcus Lyle Brown, Margot Robbie, Marisa Tomei, Max Greenfield, Melissa Leo, Michael Aaron Santos, Mychael Bates, Nicole Barré, Oscar Gale, Peter Anderson, Peter Epstein, Pharrell Williams, Rafe Spall, Ryan Gosling, Selena Gomez, Sharon Landry, Shauna Rappold, Snoop Dogg, Sophie Lee, Stanley Wong, Steve Carell, Sue-Lynn Ansari, Tim DeLaughter, Tony Bentley, Tracy Letts, Tupac Amaru Shakur, Tyler Kunkle, Vanessa Cloke, Wayne Pére did an incredible thing, they did not just tell an amazing story, they disappeared into it without a trace.