Star Trek: Lower Decks
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Star Trek: Lower Decks

Star Trek: Lower Decks

The lives of the support crew serving on one of Starfleet’s least important ships, the U.S.S. Cerritos, in 2380. Ensigns Mariner, Boimler, Rutherford and Tendi have to keep up with their duties and their social lives, often while the ship is being rocked by a multitude of sci-fi anomalies.

Star Trek: Lower Decks 123Movies review

In its genre, Star Trek: Lower Decks can be safely called a masterpiece, the series has rightfully become a cult, leaving a noticeable mark in the hearts of viewers. The 1 of the seasons were different in tension, but the general mood was clearly visible, the story is told in full, without room for speculation. The 4 series flew by completely unnoticed, thanks to the excellent directorial work and the talented acting of the star cast. Among all the new products of 2020, this series was remembered for its non-trivial plot and completely new directorial decisions in terms of casting.

It is impossible to imagine the genre of Animation, Comedy without this truly memorable series, the story appears to the viewer truly believable. Talented, with a deep soul, Mike McMahan became a real creator for this series, creating strong, sensual and charismatic characters. Roddenberry Entertainment, Secret Hideout invited a truly stellar cast to the shooting of the series, they did their job perfectly, giving a sparkling result. The director had a very difficult task, but having made a bet on Dawnn Lewis, Eugene Cordero, Fred Tatasciore, Gillian Vigman, Jack Quaid, Jerry O'Connell, Noël Wells, Tawny Newsome, he was right, only the most talented actors were able to play in such difficult conditions.