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After getting a green card in exchange for assassinating a Cuban government official, Tony Montana stakes a claim on the drug trade in Miami. Viciously murdering anyone who stands in his way, Tony eventually becomes the biggest drug lord in the state, controlling nearly all the cocaine that comes through Miami. But increased pressure from the police, wars with Colombian drug cartels and his own drug-fueled paranoia serve to fuel the flames of his eventual downfall.

Scarface 123Movies review

I watched the film Scarface 123movies without stopping for 170 min minutes, which is a great rarity, because I am very selective in the subject of cinema and appreciate only really high-quality work. The talented acting of the actors, excellent directorial work, a well-thought-out plot - all this made the film an outstanding representative of the Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller genre. In 1983, some really decent films came out, but this one was remembered for the talented acting and the incredibly confusing storyline.

Brian De Palma has chosen the perfect cast to convey all the nuances of this amazing story, a truly professional work. The wonderful play of Al Israel, Al Pacino, Albert Carrier, Ángel Salazar, Angela Aames, Ava Lazar, Ben Frommer, Brett Ratner, Carlos Augusto Cestero, Charles A. Tamburro, Charles Durning, Creed Bratton, Dennis Franz, Dennis Holahan, Emilia Crow, F. Murray Abraham, Gary Carlos Cervantes, Geno Silva, Gil Barreto, Gregg Henry, Gregory Cruz, Harris Yulin, Henry Kingi, John Brandon, John Carter, John McCann, Jorge Porcel, Katt Shea, Kevyn Major Howard, Lana Clarkson, Lee Benton, Linda Gillen, Manuel Padilla Jr., Marcus Shirock, Mario Machado, Mark Margolis, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Maxine Wasa, Michael Alldredge, Michael P. Moran, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mike Moroff, Miriam Colón, Paul Shenar, Pepe Serna, Richard Belzer, Robert Loggia, Roberto Contreras, Ronald G. Joseph, Santos Morales, Shelley Taylor Morgan, Steven Bauer, Ted Beniades, Tony Perez, Victor Millan was remembered by every viewer who made the right choice and watched this wonderful film, which became the embodiment of the genre.