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With the aid of a fellow Auschwitz survivor and a hand-written letter, an elderly man with dementia goes in search of the person responsible for the death of his family.

Remember 123Movies review

Remember 123movies is a film that really hooks, and the ending is so unexpected that I can say for sure, 94 min minutes were well spent. I really liked this film, in the genre of Best 2015, Drama, Thriller it stands out for its intricate plot and unique acting that you really believe. 2015 is rich in quality work in the film industry, but this film has become truly iconic in its genre, thanks to a well-thought-out plot.

I admire this directorial work of Atom Egoyan, he conducted the main storyline so subtly that the ending, although unexpected, was quite logical. Having gathered on one site, the Amanda Smith, Bruno Ganz, Christopher Plummer, Creed Bratton, Daniel Kash, Dean Norris, Henry Czerny, Jane Spidell, Janet Porter, Jürgen Prochnow, Kim Roberts, Martin Landau, Peter DaCunha, Sofia Wells, Stefani Kimber, T.J. McGibbon did an incredible thing, they did not just tell an amazing story, they disappeared into it without a trace.