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When Michèle, the CEO of a gaming software company, is attacked in her home by an unknown assailant, she refuses to let it alter her precisely ordered life. She manages crises involving family, all the while becoming engaged in a game of cat and mouse with her stalker.

Elle 123Movies review

I watched the film Elle 123movies without stopping for 130 min minutes, which is a great rarity, because I am very selective in the subject of cinema and appreciate only really high-quality work. The Best 2015, Best Thriller 2016, Drama, Thriller genre would never be complete without this film, which has absorbed the most special features of the popular direction in cinema. 2016 is rich in quality work in the film industry, but this film has become truly iconic in its genre, thanks to a well-thought-out plot.

Paul Verhoeven is a real expert in his field, he simply penetrated the viewers brain, showing him through the characters the whole essence of complex human nature. The wonderful play of Alice Isaaz, Anne Consigny, Anne Loiret, Arthur Mazet, Charles Berling, Christian Berkel, Creed Bratton, Eric Savin, Fleur Geffrier, Hugo Conzelmann, Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Yves Freyburger, Jonas Bloquet, Judith Magre, Laurent Lafitte, Laurent Orry, Lucas Prisor, Marie Berto, Nicolas Beaucaire, Nicolas Ullmann, Raphaël Lenglet, Stéphane Bak, Vimala Pons, Virginie Efira, Zohar Wexler was remembered by every viewer who made the right choice and watched this wonderful film, which became the embodiment of the genre.