City of God
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City of God

City of God

Cidade de Deus is a shantytown that started during the 1960s and became one of Rio de Janeiro’s most dangerous places in the beginning of the 1980s. To tell the story of this place, the movie describes the life of various characters, all seen by the point of view of the narrator, Buscapé. Buscapé was raised in a very violent environment. Despite the feeling that all odds were against him, he finds out that life can be seen with other eyes…

City of God 123Movies review

In City of God 123movies, the intrigue starts from the first minute and lasts until the very end, which is the perfect way to keep the viewer at the screen for 130 min minutes. The talented acting of the actors, excellent directorial work, a well-thought-out plot - all this made the film an outstanding representative of the Best 2002, Best Crime, Best Dramas, Crime, Drama genre. The cast of the movie was just on top, they were able to present a difficult story so believably that the film became the best in its genre in 2002.

To gather the most talented actors on one set and tell an amazing story, Fernando Meirelles of City of God 123movies did it just perfect. The movie City of God 123movies brought together my most beloved and respected Alice Braga, Charles Paraventi, Creed Bratton, Daniel Zettel, Douglas Silva, Gero Camilo, Jonathan Haagensen, Kikito Junqueira, Matheus Nachtergaele, Roberta Rodrigues, Seu Jorge, Thiago Martins, so I just could not pass by this amazing and interesting film story.